THE EARTH’S END TRILOGY (Earth’s End Series)

THE EARTH’S END TRILOGY (Earth’s End Series)

THE EARTH’S END TRILOGY (Earth’s End Series)

The Earth’s End Trilogy introduces characters pushed to their greatest extremity––to the end of the planet and their own lives. The people of Earth’s End must cope with nuclear holocaust, survive on a planet reduced to prehistoric standards, and adjust to life in an underground tomb––the bomb shelter on the Piermont estate. And you were thinking your life is rough!

The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy shows a group of people attempting to escape a nuclear holocaust in a ruined future world. It’s part teen romance and part coming-of-age story, with overtones of 1984. It’s won four national awards in visionary fiction, another in new age fiction & still another in fantasy/sci-fi.

The Angel’s first sequel, Lady Grace & the War for a New World, brings some of The Angel’s characters back together and puts them in another struggle for existence. This time, they’re fighting against the elements and a degenerate society which the nuclear war has spawned. Winner of three national awards in visionary and new age fiction.

The third book in the Earth’s End Trilogy, The Headman & the Assassin, is a love story involving two characters from The Angel. It’s an epic romance that takes place in the Piermont Estate’s underground bomb shelter after the nuclear bombs have gone off. The lovers can’t escape a passion that lasts a lifetime. This book sizzles.

All three books have a transcendent, looking-for-a-better-world quality. The protagonists are pitted against horrific difficulties. They’re thrillers and well as visionary fiction. And romance.

The three books are included in full in the Boxed Set.


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